Will water leak thru the 1/8” gap between the door and the panel and the 5/16” gap between the hinges and the wall.

Relative to the 1/8” gap between the door and the panel. ..In most cases, the shower spray is directed across the 1/8” gap, not into the gap, and little to no water will pass thru the gap and onto the floor*.  In smaller showers, homes with extremely high water pressure or installations with multiple shower heads this may be a problem and can be corrected with the Acrylic Strike described below.

Relative to the 5/16” gap between the glass and the wall where the hinges are installed…. Most units are installed with the hinge side of the door closest to the shower head.  In this case the shower spray does not spray directly into this area and leakage is unlikely*.  If the door hinges from the opposite wall, the spray will go across the gap, not into the gap and leakage is unlikely*.

  • Please note that frameless units are designed for a clean site line of clear glass with minimal amounts of hardware covering the glass. With these design elements, frameless units are not waterproof and some minor leakage is inherent to the design.  The units can be made more waterproof by adding the Acrylic Strike described below but this interrupts the clean appearance of the unit.